I am an adaptive creative hoping to thrive as a part of a team. My desire is to function as a beneficial asset to your company. I bring a unique set of skills and perspective after starting and running a creative services company serving a diverse set of clients
Alicia Zinn (November 2017 - Present)
Writer, Photographer, Web Management & Coordinator
Administrative. Photography & Photo Editing, Travel Planning, Blog Writing, Social Networking, Website Development & Website Management
Matthews, North Carolina, United States
Zinn Creative Services (March 2015 - Present)
Remote Contractor Former: Co-Founder & Director of Operations
I have had the opportunity to serve a diverse group of industries including local government, boutique, restaurant, architecture, music, education, financial, chiropractor, e-commerce, local news outlet and more providing creative services ranging from graphic design, brand development, print layout, web design, commercial photography, photo retouching, social media content creation and  social media strategy.
Cedar Hill, Texas, United States
Church on the Hill (Nov 2011 - Nov 2017)
Event Coordinator, Public Relations & Photographer
Planning and coordinating several large scale annual events. Photo coverage during services and special events. Internally and externally promoting the church and its various events through multiple channels including social media, local publications and other events.
Cedar Hill, Texas, United States
Country Day on the Hill (Oct 2015 - Oct 2017)
Promotional Officer on the Board of Directors
Planning and coordinating an annual city founders day event spanning the second weekend in October. Photo coverage during the event. Designing and writing promotional materials and press releases to promote the event through multiple channels including social media, local publications and other events.
Cedar Hill, Texas, United States
In His Eyes Photography (June 2008 - Jan 2018)
Independent Business Owner
Starting out I offered photography services doing portrait, engagement, family, maternity, newborn and wedding photography. Eventually, I expanded to working local events and commercial photography services. I work directly with the local government.
Cedar Hill, Texas, United States
Wild Fire Ministries (August 2009 - August 2013)
Webmaster/Media Administrator
I assisted in setting up and managing the website as well as eventually setting up the social media pages and managing the email addresses.
Alpine, Texas, United States
Skills & Proficiency: 

AGILE Project Management | Waterfall Project Management | Microsoft Office Suite | Adobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator
Social Media & Web Proficiency: 

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Google | Content Creation | SEO | PPC/AdWords | HTML | CSS | Wordpress | Shopify | WIX | Squarespace | Blogging
Bachelor of Practical Theology
 (Majoring in Creative Media)
May 2013 Dallas, Texas, United States
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