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My Name is Alicia Zinn and I am a photographer and graphic designer. I have been working as a photographer in a professional capacity since 2008 and as a graphic designer since 2004. As a child I was in AP art classes where I developed a love of the arts. In those classes my talent was encouraged and grew. As an adult I learned that with a computer there are almost limitless ways to express your creativity using mediums such as photography and graphic design. I may not get my hands as dirty but I still love it! In the last few years as a natural progression I found myself venturing into social networking, marketing and web design. In early 2015 my brother Paul and I decided to join forces to start Zinn Creative Services a social marketing firm helping individuals and small businesses. At Zinn Creative Service we use the tools of relationships, social media, print, video, corporate branding and web design to make people aware of and connected to you!

My brother Paul & I, joint owners and operators of Zinn Creative Services

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