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My Name is Alicia Zinn and I am a photographer and graphic designer. I have been working as a photographer in a professional capacity since 2008 and as a graphic designer since 2004. As a child I was in AP art classes where I developed a love of the arts. In those classes my talent was encouraged and grew. As an adult I learned that with a computer there are almost limitless ways to express your creativity using mediums such as photography and graphic design. I may not get my hands as dirty but I still love it!  In early 2015 my brother Paul and I decided to join forces to start Zinn Creative Services a social marketing firm helping individuals and small businesses. Recently I relocated to North Carolina and have taken a step back from running a business and am looking to go back to doing the work I love. Please feel free to look at some of my projects or review my resume.

My brother Paul & I, joint owners and operators of Zinn Creative Services

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