Below you can find a few of the various versions of my personal brand over the years. It started as just my sign off of my blog and then the Star/A was part of the branding from a photography business that I owned and ran for years until I closed it in 2017. At that point I was preparing to start a journey that I knew I wanted to have my name on so I added my name. At the new year in 2018 I decided to try a different font because it still didn't feel like me. After 9 months of traveling and settling down in North Carolina I started to revisit my personal brand and really thought it didn't feel as personal to me. Especially with my aspirations as an Artist, Writer, Designer, Photographer and More I started thinking I should really make it something that was legitimately mine so I sat down and autographed a blank paper about 25 or so times until I had something I liked. I took a picture and vectored it out. It is simple but it is me and it feels right! I am making my mark on the world and this is a great representation of what that looks like.
This is another part of my personal brand that is very personal to me. After reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People I was really drawn to the fact that he talked about the importance of having a family mission statement. I have at different points in my life worked with ministries and businesses that had mission statements that I have learned and lived by as a part of those organizations. So after reading that book I felt it important for me to write and live by a mission statement for my own life. It has has a profound impact on my life I keep it before me daily and it reminds me who I am and how I want to live my life! I felt like any presentation of my personal brand would be incomplete without this included as a part of it.
This is the version of my mission statement that is the background on my phone to remind me daily how I want to live my life. The star image behind the text is actually a photograph I took in September of 2018 taking advantage of the new moon and the repetitively low light pollution of where I was at the time.
For stories of my travels or even just a few about me living my life now that I am settling into North Carolina. You can visit my blog: www.aliciazinn.comĀ 
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