This has to be one of my favorite sessions of the last few years. I have had the joy of knowing the Bowman family from my church. Brad is a pastor and true shepherd and spent several years protecting the flock on campus at CFNI and Anna an avid blogger running both her own blog and a collaborative blogging project called Who is Beautiful which I have had the joy of being able to be a part of in the last year. When I talked to Anna about doing family pictures, as a photographer she often spent more time behind the camera than in front of it but spends plenty of time coming up with ideas for sessions. When she asked if they could paint together as an artist I was excited to see the paint come out! I have to say that not only was it fun for them but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I can also say there is a paint smug in my camera bag, that even after a year is still there, it reminds me of them every time I see it!
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