An abandoned home in Centuria, Wisconsin
Sunset over a lovely farm in Fredericksburg, Texas
Sunset on Lake Vermilion, Minnesota
Sunset lookout over Lake Johanna, Minnesota 
Moon over Lake Vermilion, Minnesota
Moon Flare above Alpine, TX
Starry Night Sky on Valentines Evening above Whiskeytown Lake, CA
Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse in Tuscon, Arizona
Evening View of the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, CA
Sunset in Fort Plain, New York
Manhattan Skyline form Weehawken, New Jersey
The Milky Way Shot from Oak Island, North Carolina
Fishing on the beach at Oak Island, North Carolina
Looking at the stars in Oak Island, North Carolina
Tilt Shift (My camera slipped mid-shot while a car drove by creating a perfect storm of a really cool picture) Lancaster, South Carolina
Look closer in Kershaw, South Carolina
Evening over a farm in Wingate, North Carolina
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