The original logo for Elevate Hair Salon
Elevate is the salon I go to pretty regularly. The lady that runs the place has been cutting my hair on and off for years. Last year I asked her if I could use her business as a case study for my graphic design class. I had my students create a new logo for the business but also created a new design for her on my own. My students being in high school and given a week to do so with little to design experience did their best. I am positive they all earned their grade. But I wanted to have them learn to follow a design guide as well so after they did their designs they were given the design guide I created for them below to create a Price Menu and a new website.
The design I created is using simple elements to suggest an elevator button using the VA in Elevate. I am very happy with how the design came out. I am hoping to help her actually implement the rebrand but she has managed to stay very busy so there hasn't been a rush.
Below is probably my favorite of the designs my students submitted. 
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