Lately I have been looking for the chance to really practice my design skills and stay fresh. I am a teacher now and don't get as many design jobs now. I have a lot of playlists on Spotify that I have curated. I found out that Spotify allows you to make your own custom covers for your lists. So I decides to start designing my own covers for my lists. The first section are lists that represent different genres. Most of the images for this section are composites built from photos I found on Pexels. 
This next section are playlists from different seasons of my life where I added a song of the day or week. Basically songs that may have been stuck in my head or were relevant to me at that time. They were named based on something relevant to my journey at the time. all of the photos in this section were photos I took during the time the playlists were relevant. 
This last section would be best described as my mixed tape lists. They are lists either build around a theme or for a specific occasion. Music from or for different things. Road trips, Wiggles (Remember, I'm a Teacher), Introspection, Highschool Throwback, Working out & Ambiance. Most of these are my own photos but the others or elements of the others are from Pexels. 
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